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Sole trader accountant

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sole trader accountant

Accountant for Sole traders

Our fixed fees service gives you complete peace of mind as you will never be charged more than the agreed price. Our commitment to fair price ensures that all our clients are charged at a price not exceeding the industry standard. 
Our accountancy fees for sole traders start from £250+VAT for preparing annual accounts. Depending on complexity of the work, we will inform you in advance of any additional charges. There will be no further charges.
Our sole trader accountant will provide the below accounting and tax services for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Bookkeeping service (monthly)
  • Accounting and tax services (yearly) 
  • Payroll services (monthly) 
  • Self-assessment tax returns (yearly)
  • VAT returns (quarterly) – has additional charge
Sole trader vs Limited Company 
Being a sole trader means that you are not obliged to prepare formal accounts each year, however, up to date financial records must still be kept in order to analysis your income and expenditure for your accounting period. This information must then be included on your Tax Return to HMRC annually.
Limited companies are obliged to prepare accounts and file returns with Companies house and HMRC each year. Depending on the size, limited companies may be exempt from audit. Accountancy and tax services have lower fees for unaudited accounts and they can be produced very quickly by our specialist accountants.
Why should sole traders prepare formal accounts?
Accounting and tax services for a sole trader are extremely important if at some stage, they are looking to expand the business or secure a bank loan. It is also important that records are maintained formally for HMRC’s regulatory purposes.

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