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Virtual bookkeeping services

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Did you know that you could hire a Virtual assistant bookkeeper to perform your bookkeeping and/or accounting activities?

They can provide you virtual assistance with a range of bookkeeping activities-

  • Input receipts / expenses in your accounting package / MS-Excel
  • Prepare sales invoices
  • Input Purchase invoices in your accounting package / MS-Excel
  • Input your credit card expenses
  • Bank account / Credit Card reconciliation
  • Help you manage your cash-flow

  • Want to file your Corporation Tax /Self-assessment returns but need help with Accounts/Bookkeeping ?

    Call one of our Virtual Assistants and they can prepare the below accounting reports-

  • Profit and Loss account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Business Tax Computation
  • Personal Tax Computation


    Just to keep you completely assured, we even have our virtual assistant bookkeepers meet our clients so they can have face-to-face meetings once in a while and discuss their accounts with Clients. This provides an added safety net that is usually not available with other virtual assistant bookkeepers.

    At Orbit Guardian, we don't treat our clients as just another number. Regular meetings help us in understanding clients and their businesses better.

    Your Virtual assistant bookkeeper is your friend and adviser on bookkeeping and accounting matters. Whilst you are busy with another project, the last thing you would like to do is trying to keeping your books in order.

    Why your business may want to hire a VIRTUAL assistant bookkeeper

    Bookkeeping may be seen as a mundane task but it has very high relevance because when you finish your project and you are probably into some downtime, you may want to check about the profitability of the business in order to plan for the future.

    This cannot be achieved without keeping your books updated i.e, regular bookkeeping is required. Your business ideas translate into money only if you are aware of the income and costs in your business. A sharp, skilled bookkeeper will help you achieve this.

    Our virtual bookkeepers are extremely, skilled and qualified to achieve this objective. Their rates are usually on an hourly basis, although we do have some fixed price packages if you need regular bookkeeping.

    Fixed price virtual bookkeeping packages help the business save money and probably give a lot more value to the business but if you are uncertain about the steady flow of income, you may want to hire a virtual assistant bookkeeper at an hourly rate.

    Our hourly Virtual assistant bookkeeping rates are usually £25/hour. The bookkeeper will be a certified professional with an industry standard qualification in bookkeeping and/or accounting.

    They are very adept with other business planning tools like MS-Excel, Word etc. If your business needs additional help with financial analysis or research, our Virtual assistant bookkeepers will do that at no additional cost.



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