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Advanced Management Accounting

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forecasting and budgeting services


Orbit Guardian’s advanced management accounting service goes beyond normal management accounting services and is ideal for fast growing companies looking at timely and accurate financial planning and analysis. Normally such businesses are looking to raise funds for financing their operations or alternatively trying to make their businesses attractive to investors for M&A or strategic partnerships.

Financial Forecasting

Starting with financial forecasting, our accountants work towards ensuring that your business has the necessary funds to meet operational requirements. The next step is to forecast cash flow for the future to ensure the business has sufficient funds to meet its future liabilities.

Through quarterly, annual and 3-year forecasting our accountants can identify working capital needs for the business and ensure you understand what funds the business requires. Financial forecasting is not just for financial planning, it also helps in raising finance for business. Our accountants, with their expertise in raising finance, will help the business in raising finance.


As a majority of our clients are in professional services, it makes sense to integrate payroll with the time and expense accounting. However, some clients prefer to keep payroll functions in-house. Hence we provide outsourced payroll services as part of advanced management accounting services.         


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