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Payroll services

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payroll service in London

Payroll Services

All PAYE (Pay As You Earn) services are provided off-site thus passing all the cost effectiveness of an outsourced payroll solution to the customer.

Our specialist payroll services team will handle all relevant queries from employees and HMRC. The client need not be well versed with payroll calculations and accounting for tax/NI as our specialist payroll professionals will cater to all requirements of an efficient payroll service.

PAYE services within the United Kingdom

Our payroll services include:

o    Processing weekly/fortnightly/monthly payroll

o    Filing monthly PAYE returns

o    Filing Annual Returns – P35’s , p60’s and p11D’s

o    PAYE year-end reconciliation

o    Director PAYE / Dividend Remuneration

Our payroll team can work with our accountants to suggest an optimal Director remuneration strategy.

Payroll services are provided weekly/fortnightly/ monthly from our London offices to all clients in and around London and elsewhere in the UK.

PAYE preparation by professional payroll experts would mean businesses no longer have to bear the burden of additional payroll overheads while receiving professional payroll services.

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